Self Insured Retention

The policy of SIR (Self Insured Retention) allows to follow directly all those high-frequency events of low fare, that aren’t entitled to an insurance cover.

This service of Mega Services enables our clients to:

  • Solve all claims and damages related to third party liability
  • Handle practices in arrears or in Run off
  • Have a great team of experts, at a fixed fee, at disposal, and have more control on the relationship with customers and own interests.
  • Easily monitor and control all claims, with a an organised and continuous process

What are the advantages and benefits coming from the collaboration with Mega Services?

  • Reduction of costs related to:
    • Educational time, settlement, rejections of requests
    • Disbursement/outlay of insurance premium and tax related
    • Staff costs, efficiency and extra expenses of potential legal actions
  • Diminuzione delle ricadute economico finanziarie sui bilanci societari
  • Diminuzione delle pretese risarcitorie ingiustificate ab origine
  • Prompt and positive return on investment (ROI)
  • Claims settlement in appropriate time with adequate compensation
  • Improving Brand Image towards clients
  • Direct control and management of the damages

It can be perfectly customised to all types of clients (small, medium and large scale) both for public institutions/authorities and private entities.

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