Claims Settlement

In Mega Services we strongly believe/are convinced that «There can’t be any satisfying insurance service without an excellent clearance service»

Our long experience made/helped us develop a complete package of activities that cover all phases of the managing process: the first step is the assistance we give each client in reporting the claim, then we proceed in collecting all the relevant/valuable element in order to manage the CARD of the debtor, start the procedure, quantify the damage, preliminary investigation (frequency claims, complex claims and high value claims), until the complete, or partial, settlement.

Each client is carefully followed by a dedicated Key Account Manager, who:

  • Elaborates strategies to reach the best satisfaction of the clients and customizes processes
  • Manages all negotiations
  • (Personally) / (directly) follows the entire procedure
  • Coordinates and supervises / oversees activities
  • Certifies the quality of the procedure and its development

Our Team of expert Loss Adjusters is prepared to handle for our partners:

  • RCA and CARD (frequency claims and complex claims)
  • Ufficio SARC Tecnico e Amministrativo, Gestione Flussi ANIA e Gestione Arbitrati
  • Basic insurance (ADB, accident, fire)
  • General RC (RCT, RCD, RC prodotto, RCO)
  • CVT (garanzie accessorie RCA)
  • Management and assistance for damages caused by hailstorm and weathering
  • Agreement with authorities and health funds (accidents, illnesses, medical expenses refunds)
  • Gestione Contenzioso
  • Technical supervision and Claims Quality (audit sinistri certificazione riserve)
  • Managing ricoveries and recourses / paybacks
  • Anti-Fraud service and Special insurance fields
  • Data recovery from claims databaseIVASS
  • Managing ISVAP Claims
  • Foreign claims, Green Card and «Sinistri IV Direttiva»
  • Managing compensation data for Tax Register

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