homeMegaservices S.p.a. is a solid reality that have been working for over 15 years in processes of accidents’ management and loss settlement. We assist and support the work of the biggest national and foreign insurance companies through offering a personalized and accurate service.

We supply a complete choice of technical practical services for the check, the analysis and the estimate of every type of damage for each insurance branch.

The fully grown experience and the permanent training of our workers, prepared to intercept the marketplace evolutions and the continuous normative and legislative transformation, allow us to offer our customers for innovative and high-quality solutions.

Products and key services consistent with their desires and supplied in a transparent accurate conscientious way.

Excellence is our key to pay back our customers’ confidence which have chosen us, guaranteeing them performance focused to increase their business and their satisfation level.


  • Reliability
  • Time
  • Methodology

Greatest reliability. A quality team at the sevice of safety and serenity.
For us people make the difference, trust our experience and quality of our collaborators. For over 15 years we have represented a focus point in insurances world for the biggest national reality in this field. The excellence of our professional workers is our business card, our quality team is made up of individuals with documented experience, constantly updated in legislative and normative topics, ready to face the management of accident and liquidated damages with competence and clearness, completely dealing with this process or only with some phases.

Time reduction. Technology, a quality at the service of time.
We know that time is valuable, that’s why we offer a flexible and advanced service to our customers. Through the method “1 to 1″ we predict modular and highly customized solutions, we check all the processes and their results on line immediately, we make each preliminary activity clear and easy to be consulted and constantly filed on our digital platform shared with our company, the trustworthy network, the partners and the customer company.

Method “one to one”. Ad hoc practices followed personally.
With the formula “Project leader”, we appoint to each customer and practice one unique Director, who follows every phase of the practice, continuously and promptly asking for advice to the company. Every service is personalized in sinergy with the company, depending on the specific organisational legislative and operative requirements.